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Megadeth’s Studio Albums Ranked

Between Dave’s numerous appearances on Ultima Final Fantasy and Super Sexy. I believe it is time to rank another one of “The Big 4” ….Megadeth. Metallica has been represented here

Metallica’s Studio Albums Ranked


Every Metallica Song Ranked (#85-#94)


#15 – Super Collider (2013)


More like Gigantic Catastrophe: The Album. this record has boring riffs and a lack of energy. Most of the songs on here sound Hard Rock not Metal; with a severe lack of solo’s. The Blackest Crow started to sound promising but then became bland. Cold Sweat is a decent cover song; but when a cover song is one of the “highlights” on your album; something is wrong. In almost every Megadeth album there is that one song; that is so corny and lyrically stupid, it makes you want to smash your head through a window. This album has… Burn!

Highlights: Kingmaker; Dance In The Rain

Lowlights: Everything Else


#14 – Risk (1999)


Insomni-omni-omni-NO!; Crush ‘Em….yes I mean my testicles. How can you have a metal album with no solo’s? This is what NickelBack would sound like attempting METAL.  I only put this album above Super Collider because I would take the “risks” of changing your sound, equaling boredom; than mundane boring Thrash that S.C. has. The Doctor is suppose to have this creepy toned down vibe but I kept rolling my eyes as the song went on. I’ll Be There & Wanderlust are nothing more then Radio-Rock, but none the less entertaining to listen to. Seven is a song about the 7 deadly sins; so I expect better lyrics and more entertaining vocals from Mustaine. To close the album there are 2 tracks that have no need at all so… Time: Wasted

Highlights: I’ll Be There; Wanderlust

Lowlights: Crush ‘Em; Insomnia


#13: Cryptic Writings (1997)


This record starts off so promising with Trust (no complaints there) and continues into Almost Honest. I absolutely love the melody during the chorus, it’s very groovy & catchy, even the breakdown is entertaining. After that things go downhill for a bit. Use The Man is boring and Mastermind chorus is horrible. Things look back up with the thrashy Disintegrators & the down-toned I’ll Get Even, which is a cool revenge anthem. All of the singles from this album are the great songs. Sin is meh, and I know where A Secret Place is; Hint: it’s in the butt. From here on out it’s pretty boring and sleep worthy.

Highlights: Trust; Almost Honest

Lowlights: Mastermind; She-Wolf


#12: The World Needs A Hero (2001)


WINNER: The Worst Album Cover

This was the 3rd Megadeth album I heard (after Rust & Countdown). Disconnect is a great opening record. Moto Psycho is in the long list a Dave’s love for songs talking about vehicles; and by god is this song annoying. 1000 Times Goodbye is both corny and kinda enjoyable. The part I enjoy is “you know what, you suck” and then the breakdown occurs. The ending of Warhorse shows signs of life but too bad it takes 3 minutes in to get interested. Return To Hanger is obviously a Hanger 18 sequel which does not work, it doesn’t had any depth to an already established song; and fails to make itself unique (listen to Metallica’s The Unforgiven II). It ends with  “When”;  9 minutes that is still better than “Time” from Risk. A lot of the “vocals” are just Dave saying the lyrics which in my opinion is lazy

Highlights: Dread & The Fugitive Mind; Promises

Lowlights: Moto Psycho; Return To Hanger


#11 – Th1rt3en (2011)


Sudden Death is great, I personally have played this song way too many times in Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. This is probably the worst Album lyrics wise: Public Enemy; Whose Life & Guns, Drugs, & Money are just dumb. Fast Lane is another “Vehicle Song”. Although you can hear the music is a quite heavier with the guitar, it doesn’t sound as epic as it should like in the album before (Endgame). Deadly Nightshade is a treat to listen to.

Highlights: Sudden Death; Deadly Nightshade

Lowlights: Public Enemy #1; Guns, Drugs, & Money


#10 – So Far, So Good… So What (1988)


Into The Lungs Of Hell is a good instrumental intro, it sucks that the quality of this album is BAD. Why is Dave covering a Sex Pistols song? Mary Jane has some phenomenal guitar work, to bad you can’t hear it. In My Darkest Hour is a Top 10 Megadeth song, that riff is disgusting. It’s quality is what knocks this down.

Highlights: In My Darkest Hour; Into The Lungs Of Hell

Lowlights: Anarchy In The U.K.; 502


#9 – Killing is My Business… And Business is Good! (1985)


Beginning with Last Rites, that piano intro sets the mood quick into the furious start of Loved to Deth. It is lower because it lacks just a little bit of variety amongest it’s tracks.

Highlights: Last Rites/Loved To Deth; Mechanix

Lowlights: Looking Down The Cross


#8 – United Abominations


Sleepwalker provides a great Chorus. Washington Is Next…another great song. Never Walk Alone is meh. Gears of War is where things start going into Mediocrity. The next 3 songs are pretty much run of the mill. A Tout le Monde….The Remix. This upbeat redo is still a good song but not nearly as impactful as the original. I will never dance on your grave, even when your buried.

Highlights: Sleepwalker; Washington Is Next

Lowlights: You’re Dead; Play For Blood


#7 – Youthanasia


The 60BPM album. probably the most melodic album by keeping the same tone throughout, weither that be good or bad thing. I swear the drums are the same on every song. Reckoning Day starts the record off, it’s ok but not too much of a punch. Train Of Consequence however is very catchy and you can get into it easily. A Tout Le Monde is another classic record, I much prefer this original to the remake. Youthanasia rocks your clothesline off!

Highlights: Train Of Consequence; Youthanasia

Lowlights: Black Curtains


#6 – The System Has Failed


Blackmail The Universe opens up frenetically. Die Dead Enough is classic Megadeth. The thrash is somewhat toned down on this album. The last 2 minutes of Truth Be Told is great. Of Mice & Men is definitely alt-rock, you could mistake this for a Puddle Of Mudd song. Shadow Of Deth has no business existing, and My Kingdom has horrible lyrics.

Highlights: Blackmail The Universe; Die Dead Enough

Lowlights: Shadow Of Deth; My Kingdom


#5 – Dystopia


The Threat Is Better Than It Was 4 Years Ago. After 2 very boring and sub-par albums in a row Dystopia get things back on track like they were around The System Has Failed. The Drums & Bass sound so much more alive. Bullet To The Brain has Dave singing “penetrating deeper”. Poisonous Shadows has pianos!  This is pretty much a Progressive Metal song in the same vein as Dream Theater (foreshadowing). Conquer Or Die is a instrumental track of suburb quality, we need more instrumentals. The last 4 songs don’t really move me as much.

Highlights: Poisonous Shadows; Dystopia

Lightlights: Post American World


#4 – Endgame


This album is on speed, everything sounds so alive. There is not a single bad song on here.  You can tell that the riffs became higher priority than the lyrics. The 1-2 punch of Dialectic Chaos/This Day We Fight! Great solo’s throughout the entire album. 1320 is another “vehicle song”. Endgame (Song) lyrics are a bit boring. The Hardest Part is a love ballad saying “Let It Go” long before Frozen could do it. Lower than the next 3 because nothing with quite as much impact as what is to follow.

Highlights: This Day We Fight; Headcrusher

Lowlights: Lyrics


#3 – Countdown To Extinction


The album I grew up listening to, so much so, that Foreclosure Of A Dream kept skipping because of scratches on the cd. Symphony Of Destruction will always be Super & Sexy. High Speed Dirt is the BEST “vehicle song” the sound of him hitting the pavement is great.

Highlights: Symphony Of Destruction; High Speed Dirt; Sweating Bullets; Countdown To Extinction



#2 Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying

Wake Up Dead isn’t the best Intro track, but that’s a hard feat to accomplish. Next is The Conjuring makes you enjoy Black Magic. What more could be said about Peace Sells that hasn’t already been said, from the bass riff in the beginning, guitar riffs including the American theme. and how quick everything gets. Next is Shutter Island..wait…Devil’s Island. The lyrics are great. Good Mourning couldn’t be any more Metallica than it already is. this leads into Black Friday a great fucking song, I want to have a band playing this in a Wal-Mart during Black Friday (chaos during chaos). Bad Omen drums are great. I Ain’t Superstitious is a much better cover song than “Anarchy In The U.K.” My Last Words are the greatest game of Russian Roulette you can play.

Highlights: Lyrics; The Conjuring; Peace Sells; My Last Words



#1 – Rust In Peace

Technical Masterpiece. the best Thrash album PERIOD *SEAN SPICER SAYS SO!” Holy Wars, amazing guitar work in the second half. Hanger 18 what more could be said about it, it throws down. Take No Prisoners, is a step down from first 2 songs but your still banging your head. Five Magics, is great. NOTHING is bad on this album, pure classic thrash.

I wonder how this list will compare to Schweiss’

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